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Photo of Latchmi and her family in her fmaily home.
Latchmi for Bronx City Council
Latchmi for Bronx City Council
She is dedicated to economic liberation for the working class, a passion she cultivated working at a national public policy think tank focused on issues like raising the minimum wage and reducing student debt.
Latchmi for Bronx City CouncilLatchmi for Bronx City Council
I am a Bronx Native, daughter of Guyanese immigrants, who grew up working class in District 15. I went to elementary school in the Bronx, followed by a specialized public highschool, and I was then the first person in my family to attend college. I graduated from Boston University, with a degree in Political Science and Public Health. The Bronx took care of me and my family, and made my success possible. I’m running for office because I believe in this borough, and I want to make sure our neighborhood gets the attention, resources and dedication we deserve.

As a working class daughter of immigrants, I know how urgently we need to fix systems that have been broken for decades. My first job was with DEMOS, a national public policy think tank, that focused on issues like raising the minimum wage and reducing student debt. My work there ignited a fire in me to fight for economic justice. Since then, I have worked as a community organizer who helped win a $15 minimum wage, Fair Fares, Better Buses Program, and was a National Organizer on the Bernie 2020 Campaign. I am currently on the Associate Board of WHEDco, which has provided necessary resources and affordable housing to the South Bronx for over 25 years.

My platform is a result of years spent fighting for my community. I am always eager to listen and learn about what matters most to the neighborhood, because elected officials are here to serve our needs! If I could express one message to this district, it would be: we deserve more. We deserve more from City Government, we deserve more from our leaders, we deserve more from our tax dollars. We deserve health, we deserve housing, we deserve to live without fear. We deserve more time to spend with those we love. We deserve a better Bronx. And not only do we deserve it, but it’s absolutely possible. Look at my platforms, learn about my vision for our neighborhood, and please reach out with any ideas or thoughts. I’m here to fight for you!
Latchmi for Bronx City Council

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